`Ride!` she said

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Behaviouralism is the belief in the psychological adjustment of individuals, by means of drugs, electric shocks, or other froms of physical and spiritual coercion, to condition. The flaw is that conditioning is debilitating. If you`re taught to push a button for a banana, you`ll push it; even if you receive electric shocks, which is `aversion` therapy, because you don`t want to starve and so you`re averting starvation. In Sophie`s Choice, Maryl Streep is asked to give up one of her children to the Nazi camp guard and, because you can only be born a jew from a jewess, Sophie chooses to give her son, and keep a fmother of the future. This is behaviouralist `aversion` therapy also, and led the Nazis to `games` in which grandma lived if mummy pressed the button that`d result in her son`s electrocution.



 Behaviouralists believe in conditioning. The oft cited example is `Pavlov`s dog`, which was `trained` to salivate whenever a bell rang. The basic premise of the ensuing spoof is that the central protagonist is conditioned by his behaviouralist partner to `respond` to whatever she wants him to, which is why behaviouralism is sadist. The antidote to behaviouralist Nazism is developmental psychology, notably that of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), who advised that achievement through work was the key to successful functioning within society, and Christian Redemption, rather than responding salivatingly to whatever stimulation the  `programmers` use for sedation.



'Ride!' she said


MAP had been walking all night long, looking for he knew not what. Then it found him. When the white limo oozed in to the kerb beside him, he assumed the  driver to be in need of guidance, that is, until the black glass slid down to reveal the rich young floozy in the rear. If the car said nothing else, it told him she had credits.


 There was no foreplay.She simply reached across to push the palm of her hand against his crotch.He didn't back away, just stood there leaning forward to let her red-tipped fingers claw at the meat beneath his jeans.


 'Hi!' she said.I'm Pat Horner.'


 'MAP,' he told her.


 It felt good. Not so much what she was doing, more the how and the where.He decided to give her a taboo-breaking gesture of his own.


 Steppng back out of reach he could see her face. Black eyes, blonde hair, red lips, ivory pale skin, and bared white teeth. She was angry, but not for long. He showed himself to her, right there in the street.Just took it out and let it stick up in the cool air like he had a right. She came half-way through the window to get at him, tits wobbling out of her dress as she pumped away at his cock. He didn't touch her; never even made a sound. But she sensed when he was coming.Unable to speak because of the strain, her mouth opened and closed like a fish.The signal was clear enough, but he wanted to show her who was boss. Pushing her hand away, he replaced it with his own, wanking hard, lurching towards her.


 She was hanging there exhausted, half out of the car, arms dangling, only her head alert, the mouth a lusting O, tongue lolling loose, eyes closed in anticipation.But the open invitation was ignored.Taking hold of her hair, he pulled back her head. They held each other's gaze, as sticking his cock between her tits, he jerked out his juice. That's blown it, he thought, she'll be really angry now. However, despite an irritated glance at the stickypatch on the front of her dress, she seemed okay with it.


 'Let's go for a ride,' she said.


 There was a glass panel between them and the chauffeur. She flipped a switch and it became opaque. MAP was aware that, just because he couldn't see the driver, it didn't necessarily mean the driver couldn't see him. Maybe the guy was going to watch and wank? How, he wondered, would he be able to drive as well?


 'Get naked,' she told him.


 He watched her slip out of her ruined  frock - and that was it - she didn't takeoff another stitch. Not that she needed to. With her back to the door, she swung her legs out onto the seat beside him, one hand gently tweaking the red bullets of her nipples as they poked out from the peep-holes of a scarlet bra, while the other took advantage of the opportunity afforded by her open-crotch panties.



 She produced a plastic tool, observing his face as she slipped it in and out of her twat. He was able to hear the slurpy, sucky, slappy, sloppy sounds it made as, with slow deliberation, she thrust it in and drew it out, in and out, in and...plop...out.


 Drawing his attention to the fact that the base was hollow, she pushed it all the way in and left it there. She'd had the batterie sready in her hand all along.When the buzzing started, she lay back to watch how he'd react. He marvelled how she kept it there, legs spread wide, using only her cunt, held it there and held off the orgasm that was building.


 She was fighting for control now, back arching with the twin white globes of her pertly provocative derriére clenched tight, and her belly shuddering, sweat dripping slowly into her navel and bush as, fingers flexing, she refused to soothe her breasts.Through all of this, it was the fact  that she was able to resist attending to the ache in her breasts, that indicated she remained in control.



 He didn't doubt her physical ecstasy, though she sat up to look him calmly in the eye when it came. From the neck down her body thrashed around spastically, but her eyes maintained she hadn't gone away.


 A sharp pain in his arse was enough to break the spell. She'd derived part of her pleasure from the mirror-image he'd presented. As  she'd dug away, he'd played slowly with himself, letting her watch the little slug he rolled between finger and thumb become a shiny club of muscle encased in his moving fist.


 Lying with his legs apart and his knees up, staring through the V in hypnotized fascination, he hadn't seen how she'd stretched out her shoe top uncture his pants with the spike of its red steel heel.He froze in panic, but she smiled confidently, rooting gently, probing his anus with her stiletto.


 'You're not undressed,' she said.


 Nervously he sat up, drawing away from her and fumbling for the door.



 'But we haven't done anything yet,' she pouted. 'Anyway, we're moving.' 'So stop,' he said. But the fact that they were in motion seemed to settle things. He found himself allowing her to bend over his still throbbing prick, her long blonde hair concealing from view what ever it was she intended to do.But he was ableto feel, and he felt her tongue dart into his worm's blind eye, seeking to provoke its hot sweet tears.He ground his buttocks into the animal-warm leather of the seat as she sucked his dick in down to the root; then, using her tongue and teeth to scrape and lick, her head began to gently bob up and down.


 His left hand moved down to grope the cheeks of her taut little bottom. Inserting his thumb into her asshole, he sent his fingers in search of her clit, his other hand manipulating the cherries on her tits, carefully twisting and pinching them until, with a groan, she began to slurp noisily. The sound of a woman enjoying her cock had always been too much for him, so flexing his left hand like he was squeezing a sponge, he gripped the nape of her neck with his right, and held her poised, ready to gulp down his spunk.


 'That's great, whore,' he whispered. 'Bite me, baby and I'm there.'


 Disconcertingly, she stopped instead.


 'You still dressed?' she reminded him.


 Disbelief. He pleaded with her to finish him off, but she was cool as iceberg, totally unrelenting, until finally he gave in and tore off his clothes.



 'I want you to try something new,' she told him.Unlocking a panel in the roof, she indicated an iron bar which was apparently part of the vehicle's superstructure.


 'Hang on to that.'


 Curious, he raised his arms. She opened a similar panel on the floor.


 'Put your feet in there.'


 He obeyed.


 'Okay,' she smiled, 'now release your grip.'


 He tried. God knows he tried. But it couldn't be done.


 'Electric current,' she explained. 'Not painful, but enough to make your bones lock.Of course,' she laughed, 'I can turn up the voltage if you like?'



 She put on what he assumed were rubber gloves.


 'Always practise safe sex. Insulate,' again the dark laughter, 'yourself from others.'


  She then straddled him so that his chin touched her spine. Holding his knob between finger and thumb, she gingerly lowered her arse onto its tip, hovering for a moment as if undecided what to do next.


 Then with a quick little thrust and a sharp cry, she forced him to penetrate her. Abandoning herself to sensation, she writhed up and down like a monkey on a stick; both hands busy in her snatch, while buggering herself with his rod. He spunked up almost immediately, semen dripping from her brown button in sticky grey gobs, soaking his pubic hair, and spattering her buttocks as she frantically rode his dick now increasinly limp.



 She tried stiffening him electrically, but that didn't work (although she seemed to enjoy his pain). Undeterred, she made some modifications; cuffing his hands to the bar and shackling his feet to the floor. When she discarded the gloves, he knew that the current had been turned off.


 But when she injected fluid into his testicles, he despaired.


 'What do you feel?' she asked him.


 'Nothing.' It was the truth. He couldn't feel anything. 'Part of you,' she gestured at his swollen member, 'still feels.'


 This time she used her golden pussy; riding him face to face, kissing his mouth, biting his tongue, chewinghis lips, raking his torso with her blood-red -and finally bloody -nails.


 He hadn't felt the hard-on induced by the drug, but obviously she'd been able to. With him helpless, she'd let herself go; feet placed firmly on the floor, squealing like a stuck pig. She proceeded to bear down, plastering his cock with her cunt, squirming around like a rutting bitch. He'd observed her display dispassionately. She was an ugly fucker. The sexiest thing he'd ever see, sure. But she fucked in an ugly way. Like an animal. A carnivorous beast, he thought, glimpsing a blood-flecked ribbon of drool emerging from slack-but-satiated lips.



 She rolled off him. 'Sorry, baby,' she gasped, 'but it was the only way to keep you horny, you understand?'


 He nodded. 'Yeah.' He rattled his chains.'You want to take these off?'


 She grinned up at him. 'No.'


 From somewhere under the seat she obtained another syringe.


 'The antidote?' he asked hopefully.


 'Sort of.'


 She speared his balls, and his cock felt stiff.


 'No more,' he pleaded.


 'Wait.' She activated an intercome he hadn't noticed before.


 'He's ready now, Joseph,' she paused, 'if you're finished with it, that is.'


 There was a barely audible click and a square of glass disappeared from the centre of the partition. Horny little Patty put in her thumb and pulled out her plum.


 'Don't worry,' she told him, 'it's only a tiny bit sticky.'


 Before he could protest, she fitted the plastic tube onto his penis.


 'You'll like thisl over,' she said. 'A tfirst.'


 There was a whirring sound and pictures were projected onto the glass in front of him.It was a recording of the two of them.The 'screen' showed side-on pictures of their last screw.


 She pressed a stud on the tube. Wow! He could feel that! 'Virtual reality,' she said.



 He hadn't experienced it as it happened, but, technology be praised, watching her bang him on a screen, it felt like he was getting laid there and then.


 She watched him spurt. 'Notice anything?'




 'You're not getting soft.'


'Yeah, you're right. Thanks,' he added.


 'Don't thank me yet.'


 Something in her tone made him suspicious. 'What's the catch?'


 'It's a permanent condition.'


 'Great.' Then it hit him.Hey!'


 'Oh,come on,' she said, 'it's what a man really wants from life. A permanent erection, permanently approaching orgasm. It's what you all want, right?'


 He dragged his gaze away from the flickering images, but only for an instant. 'Can you get me more films like this?'


 'Sure baby. I can even make some more. Not with you, of course.Soon you won't want to do it for real at all. We even got some shots of monkeys, rats, and some other shitty stuff fucking their brains out.You won't care after a while. As long as you can see something being stuffed your pistol willl be a repeater.After a while we'll show you pictures of a guy putting the top on his ballpoint pen - you'll squirt for that too.'


 He wasn't listening anymore.He'd creamed over this screen chick three times already, and she was loving it - he could tell.


 'We won't feed you, baby,' she told him.


 'Unh,' he replied.'Unh. Unh. Yeah.Good.'


 'But it's what you want, man. Fuck 'til you die, right?'


 'Unh.Unh. Uuuunnnnhhh!'